Diane Chase

English and Bible Teacher

Chinese Name:


First Year at Morrison:


Home State/Country:

New Hampshire, USA


B.A. English

Morrison Positions:

English Teacher, Grade 12; British Literature,
(August 2000- present) Placement English Literature and Composition,
(2003-present) Serve as English department head
(2006-present) Women of Worth Bible teacher

Favorite Quotes:

I believe that the purpose of reading literature is to exercise or incite one's imagination; specifically, one's ability to imagine being different... The pleasure of reading literature arises from the exercise of one's imagination, a going out from one's self toward other lives, other forms of life, past, present, and perhaps future. This denotes its relation to sympathy, fellowship, the spirituality and morality of being human.
- DENIS DONAGHUE, The Practice of Reading

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.
- George Bernard Shaw, Back to Methuselah.

Literature...extends the range of vision, intellectual, moral, spiritual; it expands the compass of our sympathy; it sharpens our discernment; it corrects our appraisal of all things... Literature, especially poetry, is probably our most powerful agent for rousing, sensitizing, and energizing our sense of beauty in all things.  - Poetry as a Means of Grace

"I would not cross the room to meet Hamlet.  It would never be necessary.  He is always where I am...Its true hero is man--haunted man--man with his mind on the frontier of two worlds, man unable either quite to reject or quite to admit the supernatural, man struggling to get something done as man has struggled from the beginning, yet incapable of achievement because of his inability to understand either himself or his fellows or the real quality of the universe which has produced him."
- C.S. Lewis

Words to Students:

I am blessed to teach some of the finest students in the entire world and it is my prayer that you will come to know the living God whose presence is seen in literature throughout the ages.