The Audiovisual Class at Morrison
(High School Elective)




The audiovisual class is quite new to Morrison Academy in Taichung, with the 2015-2016 school year being the first year this class has been offered. The audiovisual class teaches students how to film/shoot, and edit videos. With our generation stepping towards the usage of technology more and more, this class is especially beneficial for our futures.


The purpose of the Audiovisual Class-

Mr. Johnson, who teaches the audiovisual class says his biggest goal is to help his students make videos that are useful and have purposes. As he says, it’s not about making an Oscar winning movie, but about having an influence on people. For example, the audiovisual students were apart of making the Christmas project video at Morrison, which promoted school spirit in students to fight for a cause to help orphans. In addition, the audiovisual students also helped in the making of the banquet video, featuring the Hsus that was shown during chapel. The video showed the history and progression of banquets at Morrison and why they matter. Last but not least, the audiovisual class contributed to the making of the 2015 Junior carnival video as well, which has been an ongoing tradition here at Morrison. The videos that the students in the audiovisual class are making promote a sense of belonging within the Morrison community. Being such a small school, we are all apart of this wonderful community and each and everyone of us will leave our legacies on Morrison’s history throughout our time here.



Meet the people of Audiovisual! 

“Students in this class develop skills and ideas that they would have never thought of before.” – Mr. Dwight Johnson


Mr. Johnson’s Advice to Students-


“Be interested in this class and be somewhat of a self-starter because this class is mostly project based. There will not be someone to tell you what to do. Do the things that you enjoy doing and incorporate them into this class.”



“My favorite thing about this class is that our class is committed to excellence. Our class is super chill and people get along pretty well”- Alina W.


A little conversation between a parent and a teacher-


Mr. Pagel: Dwight, you’ve ruined my son.

Mr. Dwight: In what way?

Mr. Pagel: I was watching a movie with my son and he was critiquing throughout the entire movie because of the way it was filmed! He’s overanalyzing everything!