EMS Principal’s Welcome

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our school website. As you explore the various links, I am confident you’ll find that we offer a unique place of learning for our students.

As an educational institution, we naturally invest in knowledge. Learning about the laws of our world and the universe we’re traveling through, understanding the people inhabiting our planet and all their past, present and future activities while making meaning of all this, is a grand undertaking. Concepts get mastered, skills are learned and dispositions acquired. Schools are indeed fascinating places. But at Morrison we strive to go a few years and decades further because our journey takes us beyond knowledge. We’re in search of wisdom.

This year we’re praying and hoping that our students would grow in their ability to ask and believe God for wisdom (James 1:5-6) in their time of need, reflect on their lives as they heed and ponder God’s faithfulness (Psalm 107:43) and take serious Scripture’s encouragement to mature so the message of wisdom can be entrusted to them (Hebrews 5:12-14). It turns out that the journey to wisdom cannot be traveled alone and students need a community of life-long learners to accompany them. This is where our school positions itself so uniquely. Every student is taught by a Christian teacher who also considers it a privilege to partner with parents. I believe the Lord is pleased with such humility.

We are excited to have another opportunity this year to move students from knowledge to wisdom (K2W).

Mr. Myburgh
Elementary / Middle School Principal




今年我們禱告並希望學生們能夠發展自我能力在他們有需要時尋求並相信上帝的智慧(雅各書 1:5-6),在他們聆聽並思考上帝的信實時反思自己的生活(詩篇 107:43)並且認真地對待聖經對屬靈成熟的鼓勵所以他們可以被委託智慧的信息(希伯來書 5:12-14)。事實證明智慧的旅程是無法單獨前往的並且學生們需要一個終身學習者的社區跟他們一起走。這就是我們學校將自己定位地如此獨特的地方。每一位學生都是被有基督徒背景的老師所教導而他們也認為與家長合作是一種榮幸。我相信上帝會被這樣的謙遜所取。


Mr. Myburgh