2017 Christmas Project: Caring Hearts, Giving Hands

100% Participation & 700,000 NT Goals reached!

The remarkable community effort, spirit of generosity, and desire to help others has been a huge testimony to all. We want to thank everyone for their participation, enthusiasm, and incredible generosity!

The Heart Place

Taiwan’s working class makes up the majority of Taiwan’s population, around 15 million people. However, despite being in the majority, less than 1% are Christian. These are laborers in the urban areas as well as farmers, fishermen, etc. in the rural areas. Indeed, in many rural areas, there is little to no Christian witness.

To meet this need, OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) recently began a separate NGO for the purpose of supporting and sending national workers throughout Taiwan to reach the unreached. The organization is called Taiwan Grassroots Gospel Holistic Care Association. This year our Christmas project has the privilege of helping launch this new organization and providing resources to start THE HEART PLACE in Zhongpu. The Heart Place is a ministry center that will provide life changing outreach by offering HOPE in this rural area through community services, educational opportunities, and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

How will THE HEART PLACE make an impact?

  • Running a Morning Drink Stand near a Bus Stop
  • Wednesday Evening Homework Help
  • Saturday Evening Youth Group
  • Hosting Special Events During School Breaks
  • Weekly Mothers & Toddlers Group
  • Serving as ‘counselors’ to students who need a listening ear and godly advice
  • Hosting baking classes, movie nights, & story clubs

Jordan and Bella

Jordan and Bella are uniquely gifted for rural, youth ministry and have a heart for the people in Jhongpu.

MASA Ati Tribe Boracay, Philippines

Partnering with one of our Senior Capstone Projects and Annual Junior Mission Trip, we’d like to raise 100,000 N.T. to purchase much needed medical supplies that the school can use to start a clinic that will serve the families in their villages.

How to give?

Make your donation through one of our Christmas Project collections on campus. For a tax-deductible receipt please donate at the cashier in the front office.



為了這個需要,內地會最近成立了一個非營利組織,目的是要差派及支持這些被差派到未得之民中間的台灣同工。這個組織的名字是“台灣基層全人福音關懷協會“ 今年的聖誕募款專案,我們將專注於幫助座落於嘉義中埔的 “心地方”事工中心的成立,協助提供資源。“心地方” 是一個新的組織,以服事當地居民為主要事工,希望能為偏遠地區的村民帶來有盼望的生命轉變,受教育的機會,分享上帝的福音。


  • 在公車站旁開了一家早晨營業的飲料店
  • 禮拜三傍晚的課後輔導幫助
  • 禮拜六晚上的青少年聚會
  • 學校放假期間舉辦特別的活動
  • 每週固定的媽媽寶寶班
  • 扮演輔導的角色,傾聽學子們的心事,用神的角度給予他們建議
  • 舉辦烘焙課程,電影之夜,故事時間

Jordan 和 Bella

Jordan 和 Bella 夫妻倆對於服事鄉村青少年有獨特的恩賜。他們懂得村民的心,也願意愛那裡的青少年及他們的家人。

菲律賓 MASA Ati 聚落

與本校十二年級的 Capstone 專案和每年的短宣活動一起合作,希望能籌募新台幣十萬元,用以購買醫藥用品,贊助當地學校正要建立的診所,服務村莊裡的家庭醫療所需。


您可透過校區內的任何奉獻方式捐款; 若您需要奉獻收據,請在學校出納櫃台捐款。